Album: JerushaLem
Year: 2009
Label: Universal


1. Girls, girls, boys, boys
2. Masala
3. Press the Brakes
4. Let Go Feat. Loyiso
5. Delicious Feat. Jae
6. Time To Realize
7. Cherries
8. La Di Dah
9. Fired Up
10. Just Simplicity
11. Feel It
12. Fabulous
13. Masala Rudemix
Single: Are U The One?
Album: Got To Have It
Producer: Bruce Muzik
Year: 2002
Label: Mama Dance Records


1. Are U The One? Radio Version
2. Are U The One? Street Mix
3. Are U The One? Mama's House Mix
4. Are U The One? Frank J's Mix
5. Are U The One? Instrumental
6. Are U The One? Acapella Version


Album: Got To Have It
Year: 2003
Label: Mama Dance Records


1. Got to Have it
2. Dance
3. For Life
4. U Be
5. Are U the One?
6. Canít Stop My Love
7. Electro Boogie
8. Just Say Hello
9. Look in My Eyes
10. Tum Ho
11. Donít know ĎTil You Know
12. Dance (Mallumís Mix)


Single: Feel It
Producer: Workshy Productions
Year: 2006
Label: Mama Dance Records


1. Feel It
2. Look in My Eyes


Jerusha Filmography

Video: Girls Girls Boys Boys
Director: Little Red Robot
Location: Brooklyn Studios
Year 2009

Video: Are U The One?
Director: Norman Maloi
Year: 2003
Video: Got To Have It
Director: Loco Productions Year:2004